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One can save emails from multiple inboxes into one primary mail folder. Alternatively, you can also download mails in your local eM storage. eM Client. likes · 41 talking about this. eM Client is a powerful email client for Windows and macOS. It's a great tool for managing emails. Issues saving in email images or attachements | eM Client Free Then you can and download the previous version of eM Client from the. ULTRAVNC VIEWER DIRECTX

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rikter Corporation. By posting here, you agree to all our Terms of Use for Comments. Rikter Corporation and Rikter Web Design. Office Closed Until January 3, Just a friendly reminder about our office schedule. All Rights Reserved. Contact us. Outlook was becomming so slow and I was finding that my emails were taking 20 mins to send and 20 mins to come in.

So I googled other options and found EM Client. I've never had a problem with speed with EM Client. In fact I get my emails faster than when I log into my email on my browser. It fulfills my daily email needs for my business and personal correspondence. I have 4 regularly used email addresses through which I correspond. It was mostly familiar in design to what I previously used.

I was used to a email client that allowed me to have a large, nested, easily accessible filing system for correspondence. I get error messages at times regarding my movement of filed correspondence within the application.

I don't know how to correct the problem. Thus, I receive repeated error messages. Also, when replacing my old tablet computer with a new one, the process for getting the "PRO" version on my new machine was not as clearly defined as I would have liked. I succeeded with Stepan Busek's help. Hi Ted, Thank you for your review. Did you contact our support regarding the connection problems? Easy-to-use alternative to Thunderbird with a much better user interface.

Overall I have enjoyed my experience with eM Client much more than that with Outlook obviously and Thunderbird. I haven't had to recover an automatic backup but it's assuring to know I'll always have a backup ready when my computer inevitably dies. The simple and clean UI helps me focus on priority emails while staying organized and efficient. The Conversations feature really helps to keep interactions simple and straightforward. The amount of options available is very refreshing, especially for someone as detail-oriented as I am.

When emails are displayed by conversation, any email with the same subject gets lumped in making it appear as if those emails are part of the same interaction. This can get complicated fast when a colleague includes you in multiple emails to different people with the same subject line. However, once you get used to it, it's easy to ignore. I wasn't a fan of the user interface and wasn't impressed with the overall product.

I knew there had to be something better. User interface could use a buff. Vertical scroll bars are too thin and difficult to grab; their color contrast to surrounding elements is too low. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-N for starting a new message should be available from the New Message window. Sometimes we think of another note we need to send while in the middle of composing another. Font and font size should be able to be separate message format tool bar items.

Hi Bruce, Thank you for your review. Classic styled scroll bars are still present in Classic and System themes. And thank you for the New message shortcut suggestion - we'll add it to our todo list. I was excited, but terrible reliability and horrible support changed that.

The reliability is awful, but the customer service If they were any quieter over there, we'd have to be in the vacuum of space. If I could buy this company, fire every employee and finish their system I would. I suspect they have very little development capability, or they are outsourcing all of this and that explains why getting fixes done is impossible at best. The interface looks great but has issues , it's fast and has some good features, but mostly they don't work as expected.

The search function doesn't work. That's right IMAP users No searching for e-mails. No matter what. If I am looking for an e-mail from my 1 client, I first have to look on my cell phone, find the date and time in eM client and then sort by the Received By name. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it isn't. You can't search by e-mail address, or name, subject nothing.

I dealt with it for 2 years. I submitted countless documents, proof and technical information to support, and all they do is ignore me. I now am forced to just send them an e-mail every two weeks saying "Hello? Any update? I'm a software engineer. I own a software company.

I told them how to fix all of it. I offered for free, since it's been 2 years. They're not interested at all in fixing it. Beyond that, e-mails in the inbox show that they are from different people, people that I haven't talked to since I created my e-mail account. Why you ask? They blame it on "incomplete headers". I submitted header comparisons between all sorts of mixed up messages showing no difference What was their explanation? Outlook also has reliability issues sometimes but nothing compared to this.

If you are looking for an e-mail client. Don't walk, RUN. Download Mozilla Thunderbird instead. The software itself is good until you have a problem with it and need support. It's functional and easy to set up. The customer support is non existent. They are in another time zone which totally clashes with American time zones, so they expect you to be on your computer at 5 in the morning to get help.

When I complained about it, they ignored me completely and now my tickets will go unanswered. Hello Rebeca, so far our support is located in Europe only, but we are trying hard to help every our customer from opposite time zones, even during our night hours, and even if they need remote assistance. Another remote assistance session with you is planned for today, 9 AM your time, so I believe this time everything will be all right.

Thank you, Peter. It has completely replaced MS Outlook. I use it multiple times a day for all my email, calendar, contacts, and task management functions. Synchronizes well with Google email and calendar. Easy to use layout with all of the features I want in a combination email, calendar, contacts manager.

Pulls up email correspondence chain in separate view. I can customize views, categories, themes, etc. Does not have a corresponding Android version. The contacts sync has sometimes resulted in duplicate entries. There is a duplicates tool to remove duplicates but it would be nice to have an easier to use merge contacts function added. Marketing Software. Product Overview. Reviews are by default sorted by Recommended to software buyers, driven by our proprietary algorithm reflecting the depth and quality of the review, recency of experience, and other factors.

As a neutral reviews platform, the star rating of the review is not considered in the "Recommended" ranking, and there is currently no voting mechanism that would allow site visitors to influence the ranking. Most Recent. User Industry Accounting. Alternative Dispute Resolution. Alternative Medicine. Arts and Crafts. Broadcast Media. Building Materials. Business Supplies and Equipment. Capital Markets. Civil Engineering. Commercial Real Estate.

Computer Games. Computer Hardware. Computer Networking. Computer Software. Consumer Electronics. Consumer Goods. Consumer Services. Education Management. Environmental Services. Events Services. Executive Office.

Facilities Services. Financial Services. Fine Art. Food Production. Government Administration. Government Relations. Graphic Design. Health, Wellness and Fitness. Higher Education. Human Resources. Import and Export. Industrial Automation. Information Services. Information Technology and Services. International Affairs.

International Trade and Development. Investment Banking. Investment Management. Law Enforcement. Law Practice. Legal Services. Legislative Office. Logistics and Supply Chain. Management Consulting. Market Research. Marketing and Advertising. Mechanical or Industrial Engineering. Media Production. Medical Devices. Medical Practice.

Mental Health Care. Motion Pictures and Film. Museums and Institutions. Non-Profit Organization Management. Online Media. Packaging and Containers. Performing Arts. Political Organization. Program Development. Public Policy. Public Relations and Communications. Public Safety.

Railroad Manufacture. Real Estate. Recreational Facilities and Services. Religious Institutions. Security and Investigations. Sporting Goods. Staffing and Recruiting. Think Tanks. Translation and Localization. Wine and Spirits. Writing and Editing. Company Size 1 employee. Time Used Free Trial. Less than 6 months. Less than 12 months. Less than 2 years. More than 2 years. User Rating 1 star. Showing 1 - 25 of reviews. Company size: employees.

Time used: More than 2 years. Review Source: Capterra This reviewer was invited by us to submit an honest review and offered a nominal incentive as a thank you. Pros One of our users has a strong aversion to webmail. Cons No particular issues. Reasons for switching to eM Client Mozilla Thunderbird had begun to cause niggly issues, and seemed to have been abandoned. Industry: Retail. Good basic email client program used with MS Outlook Live It's super-easy to setup, works well and has a clean interface.

Pros It's simple and the free version is good for our purposes. Cons Sometimes the program does not update right away when opening. Reasons for choosing eM Client We used to use Windows Mail which worked fine but Microsoft discontinued support for it. Reasons for switching to eM Client Thunderbird was more complicated to setup and the interface was not as "clean" looking.

Time used: Less than 2 years. Light weight wonderful mail client to start with for free A stop shop for your personal mail management. Pros Easy installation, easy sync with your mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo etc. Good on user interface and user experience Cons Preference management or user profile build up could be improved as per user's taste Reasons for switching to eM Client Found emClient understanding market needs by providing exactly that basic version which every user might need for a start, likely missing with other clients.

Time used: Less than 6 months. Review Source: Capterra This review was submitted organically. No incentive was offered. Not recommended Again, I like the concept and the thought behind the product but would consider it too unstable for business use. Pros The concept and design of the program is excellent. Cons Although I like the design of the software, I could never recommend it for use in a business.

Company size: 1 employee. It feels snappy and is much prettier than some others Pros I love how fluid the UI is. Cons There is a limit of three email accounts for free, which then gets quite expensive. Company size: , employees. Pros I love the simplicity of set up and use of eM Client. Cons I don't really have anything bad to say about it. Fantastic email client I've really enjoyed using eM Client for a number of years now.

Pros I've used eM Client for about 4 years using a free license which caters for a maximum of 2 email accounts. Cons Like any email client it does take a little while to tweak the settings to just how you like it. Ricardo Sandy. The A Team of E-mail Client I used to spend too much time logging into different e-mail providers just to check e-mail messages and communicate with colleagues and clients.

Pros I like its superb functionality and flexibility. Cons It lacks official themes and seldom releases feature updates. Reasons for choosing eM Client I chose eM Client over this alternative product because I liked the pricing scheme and all features and benefits that it might offer to users. Reasons for switching to eM Client I made the switch because I was looking for a more flexible and secure software at a great price.

Industry: Internet. Pros I loved the UI of the email client and that they allowed a few emails accounts in their free version. Cons I kept having sync error problems with my MS emails and my Gmail. Reasons for choosing eM Client Didn't have the possible spyware Facebook plugin that MailBird has and Mailbird was fairly pricey due to all their features. Reasons for switching to eM Client I wanted something with a more modern UI, and slim-lined, a little less features so I didn't get lost in functionality overkill.

Very good email client being alternative for MS Outlook and others Pros Very good email client with a full set of features which are not found in other email programs. Cons Pricing can get high if you have multiple devices and above 50 devices you need to contact the sales team.

Reasons for switching to eM Client Thunderbird was for us an impossible program. Stable and agile Communications Suite With emClient I can perform all the tasks of the company in one place, find contacts and manage emails with calendars at no cost.

Pros It integrates all the basic needs to configure email accounts, calendars and company contacts. Cons The backup system can get a bit tedious but it does the job. Industry: Wholesale. Pros It's easy to setup. Other than that, there's nothing I like about it. Reasons for choosing eM Client I have chosen Mailbird over EM Client because it doesn't freeze my computer, it's easy to use, and the signatures look great and appear exactly as I expect.

Reasons for switching to eM Client About three years ago. Response from eM Client. Industry: Entertainment. Pros rules, view's, graphics, basicly, everyfhing was as I wanted and work with this tool was always easy to find etc. Cons problem was , the software always was loosing some catalogs with emails and later it was download them again. Reasons for choosing eM Client proce, visualization, working. Reasons for switching to eM Client price. Pros The clean and simple user interface makes it easier than ever to maintain an organized email system.

Cons Having transferred from Mozilla Thunderbird, there are still a few quirks like how it sorts Junk mail and the fact that I have two inherited junk folders and it's unclear which is being used for what. Great e-mail option My overall experience is very positive and I anticipate that I wil continue to use eM Client for the foreseeable future Pros The software is easy to install and generally easy to use.

Cons The software has a habit of backing up, usually when I need to use it, which can be frustrating. Reasons for choosing eM Client eM Client was the only one that provided the simplicity and functionality for which I was looking. Industry: Automotive. Great option for a next-level email client I've used eM Client for the past few years and have been overall happy. Pros The main reason I use eM Client is the speed of the search.

Cons The most recent update has made it so that when I print emails, another daily task, eM Client always opens the system print dialog box despite that box not being checked. Reasons for choosing eM Client Search on Thunderbird had formatting that I didn't like and was much slower for the number of emails and inboxes that I use on a daily basis.

Reasons for switching to eM Client It didn't have the search functionality I needed. Good solution for managing complex, integrated email communications I have found eM Client to be the perfect solution for my needs.

Pros This software allows me to manage 3 or more email identities from a single platform. Cons When Windows reboots the system automatically following an update, if emClient is running, the software has been vulnerable to corruption, and the process of checking and rebuilding the database can be cumbersome. Reasons for choosing eM Client This offered the best and easiest solutions for me to manage 2 professional and 1 personal email account through a single platform.

Reasons for switching to eM Client Thunderbird was no longer supported and prone to unexpected crashes.


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