Filezilla cant connect to ps3 error 504

filezilla cant connect to ps3 error 504

Following the previous PS4 FTP payloads, PS4 Root FTP Access d a2: %c %s a8: Okay b3: Error: bad. Clin1, Can some one help with an error in Open Office, nuts, yeah I know, Kyral, just installed edgy, and wanted to know which. FileZilla/FileZilla Pro has a network configuration wizard that can find common issues in network and router settings. To diagnose: In the main. OSX VNC SERVER PASSWORD

Download: ps4-ftp-vtx-master. GIT It dumps self's on-the-fly. So you just need to enter and download dumped file. Also no hex-editing is required after that. Updated with 4. It's running but have some problems with getting 'LIST'. I'll put it into the release so others also can have a look while i am busy.

It use the usb drive for logging. If you want to enable debug logging, create a empty text file within 'PS4FTP' directory and rename it to 'usedebug. Attention : The drive need to be connected before you run the app. Since the check for logging is within the preparation process. Cheers to MagicSeb25 on Twitter for the additional details embedded above also!

Hello World! If you enjoy gaming and would like to write unpaid for this site, Contact Us and we'll be happy to have ya join our Authors! XVortex Developer. Senior Member. Also it is available as standalone exploit in my GIT repo. Hey guys, I am planning to dump something for the community, but I am still a bit confused. Let's say I will get over the FTP issue.

Does it mean that I do not need to copy anything, the script will copy everything directly to USB folder? Thanks in advance. Make in exfat diskette extra big size, dump arrive in diskette. It extra simple. He here test, make bad diskette with pkg that hang still after game splash. Mentions ftp extra nice to find sandbox title easy.

Xvortex, feature request? What port number, what username should I use to connect to it using Filezilla? Divinegrace Senior Member. Thank you!!! Having issues connecting as others have said First of all thank you xvortex. I appreciate what you've done very much. No ip address found in the binary as others have said.

Am I just missing it somehow? Hex editing on windows using HXD also tried frhed and I'm not able to find anything. Okay, I downloaded the uh I dunno, the version of ubuntu you get to try first before you install. And I loaded it up and everything I noticed off the cd it doesn't have any screen resolutions for widescreen. Is that just cause the one of the cd is kind of a minimal version, or does ubuntu not support widescreen resolutions?

For instance, opening and closing windows, multitasking, etc. Im just forced to for the moment until I get a job and get HS. SilentDis, the OS just isn't performing nearly as well as I know it should be Hmm, did they? I doubt aol would want to, when I asked for shell access I got a bad responce years ago. Can anyone point me to an easy-to-follow guide on compiling and building packages? I want to stop depending on third party repositories I mean they sounded really pissed off that I asked for a shell account.

You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using! So running off the cd is kind of like a safe mode, and is not a direct representative of how ubuntu will actually run on my system? Shardy: that's totally different, they aren't a shell hosting service. SilentDis: Unfortunately i have no idea what youre talking about: Is there some way we could figure it out? How many people here connect through a wireless router, and was it able to connect right after you installed ubuntu? SilentDis, I don't mind reinstalling I just don't think it'll work.

How do I create an mdadm md device from a previously existing pair of raid drives? Can I boot ubuntu desktop live cd into CLI only? I could do so in knoppix, wonder if I can do it here. Jaak are you in X? Anyone have the time to give a ubuntu first-time user some much needed help to get Ubuntu up and running? I just think ubuntu has some sort of hardware conflict iwth this machine, SilentDis.

Jaak sorry i meant are you in gnome right now? Kingsqueak what would be the best to use for a ftp server to? Jaak yes mine is not displaying anymore either. I'd almost have to be there to assist with such an issue. If you absolutely must have incoming files, I would say proftpd and keep it totally seperate from actual local user accounts for auth. Jimbo no you just gave the url of what you pasted into not the resultant url.

I only have rudimentary packaging knowledge so I'm wildly guessing. Anyone have the time to give a Ubuntu first-time user some much needed help to get Ubuntu up and running? In case of an upgrade to the next version would I get prompted to replace such things as the init system if there is a new one and such? Kingsqueak what is a ftp server, that reads by user accounts on system and sets the ftp to the user home folder.

They make the chips. Almost all brands have one or two atheros chipsets in their offerings but even version revisions of particular products can swtich chipset makers. Is it ok to ask people to check a topic on the forums so i dont have to rewrite it? Jimbo hmmm have not seen that UUID stuff before Linux doesn't care who manufactured the parts.

It only really cares about the chips. Atheros based wireless devices have a fully open spec and the most advanced support of wireless devices. Jimbo am looking at the way the other partitions are mounted in your pastebin. Toma ok Jimbo did you do anything else other than reboot? Jimbo ah ok Jimbo: once youre setup, thats it. I know this is probably the dumbist question you will ever hear but: I have ubuntu desktop 6. Jimbo: i havent had to change anything on this PC for over 2 years. Jimbo: didnt anyone tell you automatix is the spawn of satan?

The seem to start up on up everytime i have 3 drives and is adding 10secodns to boot time. Use at your own risk. I am the person who cant get my wireless card workin and i know jester. Toma does it work for edgy??? I am the person who cant get my wireless card workin and i know jester can anyone help? Jimbo: theres an issue with NTFS drives and uuids in fstab at the moment.. Jimbo: making sure you have the right fstab entries, on boot what is in that file gets mounted unless noauto is specified as option like the crom entry for example.

Jimbo: so all you did was change the filesystem? Jimbo: biggest issue with fat imho is the 4gb file size limit. Jimbo: did it mount automagically or did you mount it manually? After upgrade to Edgy, some applets display visual noise as their background if I set their respective panel to any degree of transparency.

This never happened back in Dapper. Any ideas? Bung the answer is yes conditionally Jimbo: yep, maybe less. Jimbo: if you do want to mess up your partitions, make sure you keep your root filesystem and swap where they are, so you can boot and get help from here. Kingsqueak: I have an old gateway pc that has built in video support i or something like that perhaps. This allows remote X clients to get fully hardware accelerated rendering over the GLX protocol.

Head to ubuntu-xgl for support. Is there an easy way to change one line in a bunch of files? Say I have five text files in a folder that all contain the line "todo: go to the moon". Is there any way to change this line to "todo: go to the store" in every file? ArrenLex: check out sed for that with a nice for loop or wildcards.

It has been extensively tested but is still BETA software, so use it with caution. Guys, I just installed an nvidia video card. I try to configure and it says that everyone wears a nice hat. I mean it says that the kernel module isn't found. Google shows that this error happens with some people on Edgy.

How do I fix please? Is it possible to make windows maximise over some gnome panels, but not all? Kingsqueak: ahh i didnt think of looking what php. Jimbo: ok close your file manager, let's do this in a terminal, i need to see what the commands tell you, so you need to see that ;. I've installed ubuntu server, LAMP. But when I browse to the machine, it see. And will it mess things up? I hear people all the time say automatix is a very bad thing, is envy like that?

Hi all I think the interface is ath0, but I cannot get it to work properly.. What is a file format windows and linux can unstand that is just as good as NTFS? What is the compatibility with D-Link wireless desktop cards and Ubuntu? Thank you. The drive list is empty for the drive with the blank media. Jimbo: only way to find out if it's all good is checking after the next booting. If yes, do all of your panel applets' background take the panel transparency correctly?

I'm trying to figure out if my problem is local or widespread. ARG Kingsqueak: i ran a diff over the apache vs the cli php. Anyone know how to unistall another version of linux via sudo? Canon is one of those. My brother hl dont print very well. If that is the case then no.

I upgraded to Edgy but now want to do a fresh Edgy installation. I have Dapper LiveCD's. Drive is still there. I think Ill eat dinner and worry bout the networking later or tommorrow. You may reinstall dapper and then upgrade immediately but it would all just be so much easier burning edgy. Jimbo: learn how it works in linux, and you can self yourself when the fancy gui tools fail you.

Hello all, I am working on building a new server migrating from Microsloth , anyway, I want the server installation with a graphical interface, I am NOT a linux guru. Any good suggestions on dropping gnome into a base ubuntu server install? Sorry, I don't know anything about it may be a helpful flag to add a signal word like "anyone" or "hello".

Zaehlas, just do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop to get a graphical interface. Thank you, I hope it worked. I'll come back and let you know. I have a Zire 72 and I havent beeen able to make it "visible" to ubuntu Im tired of Windows DFC - I decided gaes anit no option with quad core and taking the pee in price.

Some of you have ever made a PalmPilot "speak" with ubuntu??? Can some of you help me? Version 0. Poromenos, none whatsoever, I really have no idea what it does. Looked like it fit your description though. Can some of you help me to make Ubuntu speak with a palmPilot?

I am tired of windows I miss my Ubuntu, ;-. How do I gain Owner permissions? I can't do something because it says I am not the owner. The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Flash player 9 beta has been released. Saulren and porecede chown with sudo as you will need that level of authority to do it.

Does anyone here know if the latest release of Ubuntu for AMD64 has the necessary drivers for the Broadcom If no, any way I can find out?? I installed the Kubuntu and Xubuntu desktops, now how do I get my Ubuntu start screen and everything back? How can I install Java? You need to upgrade to JRE 1. Multiverse repository. RegalEagle, did you install with aptitude?

RegalEagle, try that link then. The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. Need some help troubleshooting an mdadm array problem. How do I assemble an mdadm array transplanted from a different system?

Those 's were in front of the extra repositories, so that command removed them, if you didn't get the first explanation. I am having some problems. I downloaded the ubuntu edgy dvd, verified the md5, and burned it to a dvd-r. Some of you can help me connect a pda with Ubuntu? The previous session did not exit normally.

Version ubuntu1 edgy , package size 31 kB, installed size kB. When i start the ubuntu dvd, it loads and then it does nothing. Flannel, so im using Dapper! Stargazers: I need a million dollars. This is an ubuntu support channel. Will that remove what? I need to get rid of BackTrack linux, a friend was stupid enough to install it and now i need to get rid of it so he can get his files back.

Flannel, yes, but adding them on 2 and 3 was a problem, now you are asking him to scroll. I ask my question. I have some files about Lmme. It has. Could someone help set up a webserver in Ubuntu? I have Apache installed, but it says no sockets listening. Sorry, I'm a newb!

Saulren: if you have apache installed, it is listening, unless you broke it somehow ;. You would need to compile, or preferably find an Ubuntu package. What is the software you want? Flannel, can you pleases create a NEW fresh paste for me with a proper sources. Hello - Name a console command for viewing textfile as hex please. I'm looking at it right now. Nope there isn't. For some reason it wont work anymore and it did yesterday.

Kingsqueak: MSN Messenger, but like in windows. But i cant use. E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead. Saulren: It's a guide for how to set up an Apache server in Ubuntu. Anybody help with this -? Any help much appreciated :. Flannel, it now says: E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

I just needed to prefix it with sudo. Behind the scenes. Do you need some help finding a client? I know that was one of the biggest pains for me when I switched to Ubuntu. It's by far the most popular MSN client in linux. How can i extract the activation code? NewcomerXb: believe it's in the registry somewhere, you might try googling around for it. Essentially, the thing with Linux's MSN clients is that there is plenty of choice.

There are 5 or so to choose between. None of them are exactly the same as Live Messenger in Windows, but they do pretty well. I'll look up what it's called. When i start it, it always stuck!!!! Hello, some of you can help me, please to connect a Palm with ubuntu?

Kingsqueak yes, I see the list, what I mean is that I havent been able to make the palm "talk" to ubuntu, yet. Howdy all, I have just upgraded to Edgy, and now most of my KDE apps crash amarok,krusader, konqueror. I have tried to install kubuntu-desktop, but that gives me an error stating that the package is broken xorg needs to be installed but it won't. There are a world.

Kingsqueak: cmd prompts you need to use the mouse. MicroMause: yes, the installer has a partitioner, and I'm not sure if Gparted is installed or not, but if it is, that's another way. Anybody has an idea how to fix the mess that I am after my edgy upgrade? You can try amsn. I can already hear them asking me tons of questions and selling me garbage. Never used Linux before. NewcomerXb: actually ms should be able to tell that your HD serial number hasn't changed and just issue you another key without too many questions.

So gyop, you can also check out Kopete. Definitely check it out actually. I've just migrated from Fedora to Ubuntu. Most things are going very well, but I've been unable to get my Thunderbird profile recognized. I moved it into. Okay so, does anyone know if the activation key is all i'll need, or will i need the disk's serial? NewcomerXb: we will not help you in installing an illegal copy of Windows. Please stick to topic. It's funny MicroMause: if you don't say that, people probably wouldn't use it heh.

Hello, I am trying to upgrade ubuntu-desktop to edgy from dapper, but it says it cannot, since xorg cannot be installed. NewcomerXb: sure, just don't touch that data partion and you should be set. I have just installed Edgy, and I'm trying to get Wireless working.

How can I configure this? However, it won't connect. What is the matter? Okay another question. How do you get codecs or Totem so it'll play all the things its supposed to? Flannel, I'm still having some problems with this I'm just learning how to get around in linux and don't know the first thing about compiling kernels Hey, I noticed a consistant crash in edgy, that i thought i should bring to light.

In my case, if you try pasting text from openoffice to gaim, openoffice crashes. I can already see it I just cant access files on it yet. I want to change the settings on the fly via script. Seveas has a popular 3rd party repository for several packages. Samba is already installed and password set. TehUni: the. I already ckecked ubotu for a problem related to grub : this time it is not grub that is not in my MBR, but it is windows that is not in my menu.

I'm looking for a tutorial at best :. Has anyone on here installed VMWare workstation on Ubuntu 6. TehUni: so it would be. Is there any easy way to install VMWare server? Or do i have to compile it? VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's! Thanks everybody for helping this time, found a backuped menu.

Hey guys, I've been trying to install my wifi card for ages. Is anyone else haveing the problem that nautilus crashes after clicking on video file after upgrade to edgy? I can kill the virt machine but that wont accomplish anything. RegalEagle: basically if you reboot that if there is a 'rescue' mode, you could disable the init script for kdm.

I just spent days trying to get my second monitor working in Ubuntu. Tried so many alterations with the xorg. Turns out theres one line that i had to change "nv" to "nvidia". What a bitch. RegalEagle: if the GRUB menu shows up when that virt machine starts, pick the kernel that is safe mode or rescue mode. RegalEagle: I'm just not sure if those virt images work like that or not. RegalEagle: then when you fix it, remove that line, the proper way to disable kdm is to use 'update-rc.

It's asking me if i want networking for my vmware build. Kingssqueak: that's all I get when running it from a terminal: Segmentation fault core dumped. I'd like to simply read a folder and it's files, but they are locked out. I tried to do it the right way but it says it cannot calculate the upgrade.

I can't find any direct X options in ubuntu, where are they? Since they're probably only set to be read by their owner. Alrighty I ran into a little problem during the install of VMWare server. How difficult would it be to set up a classroom full of macines to update off of the teachers machine, that is, only the teachers machine downloads from the internet, the others download. When I first log in my touchpad doesn't do the stuff it should double tap to drag, right edge scroll But I somehow managed to get it to work last time, I just don't know how :.

Flannel, Pelo Could I change the permissions using sudo chwn? Why do you need to cd though? I remember using peanut-linux and switching between environments. Daylighter: yeah, that'll install the Kubuntu desktop package with kde, much like ubuntu-desktop installs the gnome flavor. I just want to play with KDE, because I havent in a few version numbers.

Is there any easy way to get ALL ports forwarded to the other box with a few exceptions? Gorlith: theres a howto on the forums, or, there is if it's possible. I need grub help. Suggestions on repairing grub? Scunizi: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Gorlith: to be honest though It is getting registered as ES I have the partitions set up as they need to be.

Skinnison, It may be detecting the card correctly, Creative bought at least a chipset line frrom Ensoniq a long time ago, you may want to try debugging on the assumption that Edgy got the architecture correct. From the postings I have found, there was an older problem with digital output to SB cards on Linux.

Is that still true? Ubuntu 6. Error: unable to load nvidia kernel driver! Be sure to have installed. Though uname -a shows 2. What is the best way to summarize it? I had an old mhz AMD machine I needed to find a use for. I got on the internet and browsed and everything. It was nice. So now I'm in love with linux! When installing Ubuntu, on the Configuring xserver-xorg, when it says keep only resolutions you're going to use.

There are many ways to back your system up. Sorry, I don't know anything about getting a job. Little bash question.. I'm building this new box for my dad. He's got dial up and I can not test that from here at my house.

Filezilla cant connect to ps3 error 504 workbench with mariadb


Another possible cause is that the connection is being blocked by a firewall. If you have a local firewall or an antivirus, try to disable it. If that works you may need to add an exception to the firewall configuration to grant FileZilla Pro permanent access to the network. If you are in a corporate network, you may need to ask the network administrator to open specific FTP ports. Tags: connection attempt failed with econnrefused , could not connect to server , could not connect to server FileZilla , critical error , critical error: could not connect to server , critical file transfer error filezilla , econnrefused connection refused by server , econnrefused error , econnrefused filezilla , FileZilla , FileZilla Could not Connect to Server , FileZilla Critical error , FileZilla Critical error Could not Connect to Server , filezilla econnrefused error , FileZilla Error message , FileZilla not connecting , How to connect FileZilla to server , Resolve critical error could not connect to server , server error.

Skip to content. Ps3 FTP Problem!!!!!!!!! Before it worked fine, but I wanted to try and use blackbox to connect using ethernet, that didn't work, so I wanted to connect again using wifi, and id does not work.

Im using FileZilla, and upon trying to connect, I get a ''could not connect to server'' error. Tried restoring default network settings on ps3, when I need to connect to the network I get ''The attempt to obtain an IP address has timed out''. I cancel the operation, and input the wifi information manually. Internet connection test shows everything is okay. Going to multiman, and enabling the ftp service with no timeout, that's about it right?.

SO, I leave my ps3 on, go to my pc, fire up FileZilla, typing my ps3's ip which is EDIT: Nevermind, it just woke up and started working, after resetting the default settings again. Tadas , Jan 6,

Filezilla cant connect to ps3 error 504 login citrix access gateway

[Fixed] FileZilla Connection Refused TimeOut Error After 20 Seconds - cPanel (Step by Step) filezilla cant connect to ps3 error 504

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