Windows 8.1 rtm download vn-zoom/f149

windows 8.1 rtm download vn-zoom/f149

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I hope TCP will cover the state of the archival art in a future issue. I think there is a lot of interest in this area. Optra printers for small business Lexmaik Canada Inc. Andrew Kiss, product manager for the business printer division at the Richmond, Hill, Ont. It is crom-platform compatible and comes with 4 MB of memory, which is upgradable to 68 MB. The Optra C is a colour laser printer capable of producing images up to 1. The unit is now finally on sale.

While plans for Canadian availability are still unclear, you can always order one directly from the Santa Ana. Forthatyou geta 2. Data is input either by voice or with a stylus, and is processed by handwriiting-recognition or voice-recognition software.

A buiit-in digital camera allows video and stiU image capture. The company also announced a new model, the Qbe Stratus, which wili weigh a little over 1 kg. According t o w ireless application company Younvap. The company said Untereschba«h. The goal ofthe project is to provide consumers with location- and time-speciB« informationabout businesses while they are on the move, and to prove that wireless commerce can actually help cement longstanding relationships with local businesses.

Details are still sketchy about a new digital camera from Xtreme Peripheral Inc. Tet From Body Moulded Comfort Inc. Tel , hup. The company says its products have been endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association and Canadian Physiotherapy Association. They have a rough industrial look to them, and the foam initiaUy gives off a faint odor of rubber some might find unpleasant.

Are yougetting the message? Instant access. Nowaiting for e-mail. No dial-up. No line-up. Nomissed opportunities. Access points. Plus, depend on highly-skilled technical support7 x 24 and access to a valuable on-line libmry. Some mm nmsesmmdSi. Odsr mwwr nm Si. Gtwwllee slAlioot lo olwrge. Pleasequate Ine lolswlng regnlrelumcode N Problems associated with long spells at the computer remain a major health hazard despite years of expert warnings Ry Ross IRocSontdd visit to just about any computer retailer shows evidence that ergonomic issues ave become a major part of product design.

Keyboards bend in all manner of directions, mice undulate in infinite variety while monitors and LCD panels tout the latest in eye-massaging pixel production and anti-glare coatings. Ergonomics, in simplest terms, is the study of the relationship between the worker and the workplace. It is the science of fitting the workplaceto the worker, which has become a spe-. These organizations assessthe factors leading to disorders and we, along with the other supporting companies, rely on their research when designing our products.

Wosh con htsat yo While research may not have been able to pinpoint the exact causes, we are afi familiar with the high risk situations and the consequences of working in them. The head, neck and shoulders can also b» affected, which manifest as either simple discomfort or unexplained headaches. He feels that ergonomics considerations have become more salient because computers are now so fast and can do so much, people tend to work at them for longer periods of time while sitting in a static position.

In short, be says. Goyert says people tend to ignore these, which can lead to problems progressing to the point of becoming a genuine incapacity. The problem, however, is that no single standard has been determined. This may seem somewhat curious because, according t o t h e 1 99 8 B. So, what you have to do is getsome restfrom that constantrepetition. As well, your lower back should be supported by thechair and your feetsupported by the Boor or a footrest.

You also want to make sure you Continued on page With Pnmus, the Internet is simpler to get, simpler to open, and simpler to use. With our. And with this low unlimited usage rate. Making the Internet simply better. Someterms andconditions apply. Dgervalid for Unlimited planonly Seneca maynet be available in somelocal servingareas.

Minimal systemsrequirements hmodemor higher. Gegus for details. Psr Systems In. ACS33 Powefcubc Speaker 3 pcc Speaker Syclem ACSa4nc 3 pcc. Speaker System 6 aunf cplicnc. Speaker Syclem wchlhin Pfulile Oeuun Summnduclh Subwuclef YsT M8 5 wean ehMulcmedia Speaker 2 pcc Capacity 9.

PC Wwkc Oecldcp Speekei Inrnndn 6rXI 5H, S stem s Inc. Have wireless will travel A wirelessEthernet cardmaybecome an indispensable peripheral for travelling notebookusersas airports andother facilities embracethe International Airport began offering travelness traveler, or anybody in the airport with ers access to a wireless network that will aUow a wireless LAN card, to have high speed them to connect to the Internet, and in some Internet access.

Integrating an airport-wide wireless solution wassomethingthe authority decided was best for its customers. So we did an evaluation of some of the technologies available and selected to go with a high-speed wireless because of the advantages it offered. A typical setup indudes three components: a network switch or access controller, wireless access points, and wireless The access points are diskributed throughout the area where network access is required.

The access points are connected to a switch, which in turn is connected to services like Internet access. Notebook computers can gain access to the resulting network if they are equipped with wireless So, the theory is, no matter where passengers are in the airport they should be able to connect to the network and out onto the Internet if they have a compatible These networks will let hotel guests connect to the Internet and corporate networks at speeds up to 50 times faster than normal dial-up.

Wayport has installed wireless networks at four airports across North America, including the Dallas International Airport. Like the Nokia network in Vancouver, the Wayport network allows travelers to connect anywhere in the airport.

The network is open to. Recognizing that more people are demanding access to networks wher«ver they are, Bwlington, Ont. They can also choose to the corporate office into spaceswhere business rent one and purchase blocks of time, from 15 travelers are, whether it is a hotel, a public minutes up to a Bat-rate ag-day fee.

The kiosks lobby or public building. Also referred to as a wireless connectivity to travelers. In April, Classwave unveiled its Polyphony server software that allows application service providers to exchange digital information with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices such as cellular phones and PDAs.

Continued on page Working wirelessly recentl y attended a meeting in Vancouver where the organizer had hired Wayport to setup a temporary Technicians installed Lucent PC Card wirelessLAN cards in oui notebooks when we arrived at the hotel, aad when I fired up my notebookforthe fi rst meeting the next morning, email and Internet accesswere there, just as ifFd plugged into the LAN at work. Passing through the Vancouver Airport on the way home, I noticed the Nokia kiosk advertising the wireless email aad Internet access service.

In talking with the person at the booth,we determined that my Lucent PC Cardshould work, since both it aad the Nokia. He sai d the system was stillin the tri alphase, butgave me a userID and password so thatI could test it. Alas, ao tuck at the airport. It was greatto be able to fire up my notebook in any room ofthe house and have access to email. The problem Iencountered with it was iacompatibibty with the Ethernet LAN at work— I had to change settings on the notebook each time I shuttled it between home and work.

The A 3Com representative said. F vtltsv tea uu Uuma uu a i Atx mla-lowerzmav iuaaoaauurapacarmaae st Kelulllatall svfavpfotaswt avast t. Toll Free: at msara. The ergonomics el IT Coorinuerl front page I4 have an anti-glare monitor or eliminate glare at the source.

Instead, place your monitor in front of a background that is not the source of a lot of bright light. Also Goyert likes the idea of hav-. So, what you have to do is get some rest from that constant repetition. There are also numerous booklets and charts and softwarepackages that show stretches you can do at your desk periodically. She says the information it contains is from the ergonomic research organizations mentioned earlier. Keith Phillips, who sits o n t h e B. Hi there.

We now offer an unbelievably Iow price to register your very own Internet name. Bookstores could use Bluetooth to deliver news highlights or book reviews to a variety of different devices. Because Bluetooth technology is inexpensive, it will not cost companies a lot to Bluetooth-enable devices or to set up Bluetooth access points around an oiBce or public space.

Worldwide leader in providing latest technology in mainboards. Ands adAmeshnp as repinned befsmafa d Empss. Maasobad dhdms ae mymmdeadenmm d fdaraohrgapadm. Imagine and tomofrolfiA applicaNons - as well as quality, sithng back at your desk and watching the latest reliabilily, and compaNbililyl Watch full -screen, DVD videos and exciting interactive titles right on fuN-moNon video wNhreaNsNcgraphics for an.

Order yours today!!! Kodak DC Olympus D Olympus DL Epson PhotoPC HP C. S HP Photosmart P Eiraphics Creasve 3DBlaster Annihilator For more nformation. Sony E inch Ratscreen. Cr eagve 52X int. Clamem is fuay furnishedwith a t2 student capacity.

Please call for morc deuuls. E P nttumllt Vtdm. GOB WI! Digital Control xl Core IWordperfect DfRce Western Dkptal 9 5 ms Wssum Dlgiral IBMU2W 3 6. C fan. Gigabyte GA. VoiceFax Modem,V. Maxtor 30GBrpmH. All support taking time out to stretch periodicaBy when working at a computer for long periods.

The human organism is meant to be used and we often forget that in our complex technological environment. Ask your Sales Rep for details. One-Year Parts 6 Labour Warranty. This hss slwsys been ovr poasy snd slwsys wnl bs. Pnsmsls nlulnn is sums s nassui s silos assssmnesisfslmlluo oiu saaly ls mosses punlnnn.

S-Battery U-lon -2 hl. Baltely Lit hium-lon -2 ht. Ag prices6 spec. Ag logos and trademarks are their respective owner. D Duel pentmm. F Pent um. Qcnani I asm! Had Olvr. M WacomInluoa DrawingTablet ox12 50 19, Iu l ma ena amit m t twoI am i slraos oxeam N! Roppy Drive 6. Floppy Drive Rlaxtor ZIP Cnre OO Leblec C.

OO Lsbtee C. OO Juster ISN Il 40! M « « o« 6 Photo album software, take three R a MHz stor With the proliferation of imagesused in Websites and generated by digital cameras, one would think that a clear winner would emerge in the digital photo album market by now. In our third look at this software category, we find packages that come very close to fulfilling our wish list.

Center prompts for an album name and asks how you want to populate it. There are four users are just as frustrated as this options: by sranning a specified directory and reviewer was the first time we evaluated aU sub-directories if requestedl for all media files; by browsing and selecting files; by copyphoto album software. At that time, all of theproducts matched some of our needs ing selected Ses from an existing album; or by but each was missing a key feature, such as the reading directly from a scanner or digital camabiTity to process more than 30 images per secera.

In short, the process is easy and, as noted, ond; support for other media Ses such as very quick Albums can be merged, printed in sound, animation, and video; filters to search thumbnail format, and made into slideshows. This time around we will see four Comments, Keywords, Edit with, Cut, Copy, unique approaches to solving these problems. Also, Media Center han- maucally load file properties such as the type Street pixe or extension of the Se or its size in kilobytes.

MeetsagouirequirementSand addsthe ability to oe. Media Center allows the user to add comOut of thebai: Goodqualay manuals typical of Iascpied. Oveiag rating 44 aui of 5 later look up and find all of the Ses with spe- Tef Pros Does4 great Iab of creatingphoto albumsand shows Shop Pro has had a photo album routine built Creating a new album is very easy.

Sometimes Defrag works quickly, moving multiple clusters of data at once. When it does this, defragmenting a partition of only a couple of gigabytes becomes painfully slow. T h e m achine wa s p u t together by Calgarybased Voodao Computers Ltd. The system ships with a spacious For communication, the M onsoon comes with a 56Kbps Supramax v.

For basic input. Installation As CPUs, RAM, and motherboards become fast er,and hard disks bigger,fragmentation of files becomes a greater bottleneck to computer performance. However, many computer users seldom defragment their hard disks.

In my opinion, no other utility even comes close to thisamazing package. Vopt99 is not sold in stores, which is probably why I had never heard of it. You can download a trial version of the program — a , KB self-extracting, compressed file, that is easy to install — from the Golden Bow Web site and use it for 30 days. If you decide to buy it, you purchase a key registration number from Golden Bow, which enables you to use the program beyond the trial period.

There is no written documentation for the program, but good online help is provided. It has a Contents and Index and allows you Continuedan page Fajitsu 6. W smi SNS nsa GhdiacGcfmuc. I olex AC-sdptcr I IOv auto. CrmttveD30N Eacmaxg kh mtsil Brother IIL I eppg Okidata W loser Q I Ext. Scsi cable aay pin to Ccatrenics Parsi el axtb duk Hublour 5 pen! Ynnsba M28 w! Hf C. Hus Oni cCona t Ite asar. ROM with case Hub Hp ter cony tlrleowt I t af st Hvb ntwttanrncett tQ! Ofgtatep 82 am Hvb lalri lagvswessSit mr Imtnv Sp.

As one of the major providcrs ofthc ootcbooks ia Vancouver, wc hsd sold over units of Netbookin wwnem Canada. All-invme 6. Psrsllei, serial, Ext. SSSWS msm. And images in the photo album can have comments and keywords added but there is no and sound filesare strongly linked to images.

PhotoRecall also has PhotoRecall processes images at a rate of slideshow and Web output options compara per minute our tests involved a 12 GB ble to Media Center. First, PhotoRecall allows users to methods of populating an album as the lese set an image aswallpaper.

Also, as noted sound pmductr namely, directory scanning, file at-a- clips can be linked to specific images and a. Cons;Doesnot handleother medialiles likewdeo,animatrons. Out ofthe box:Asmall lg. PhotoRecall has a second, standalone window for the catalogue. Slideshow creators who have used 35mm colour slides will be familiar with these features.

More significantly, the slideshow created by PhotoRecall can be saved as a standalone executable file, which you can. The user just double-dicks on the show. PhotoRecall has other thoughtful features, such as the ability to produce reports on the contents of an album, publish to Lhe Web with. Easy to use, 7 step process, allowing anyoneto reserve their Oomain Name.

It is also easy to drag and drop an imageFrom PhotoRecall into any popular image-editing program, like PhotoPaint, Photoshop, or Painter. Finally, PhotoRecall makes it easy for users to send images by email — either as slideshows or as individual pictures —with anached comments. In sum, if you are a 35mm photographer looking for a program that — in addition to cataloguing.

Photo Explorer works like Windows Explorer, cataloguing all the images on a direcConrimied on page Sl. Memory 1. Micin, CD. Memory MB. One - high. Al rrldllQu rwubrwd u r e a w vn lrruwurINlr. G etting online has never been easier or faster! You get all the basics, like internet browsers, email addresses and personal web site, plus special bonus software. Includes everything you need to experience the Internet! M aa layssal sedsashesa ds leaaesr el drr eaaeedramrra «aadT Csp ssd sda lease.

Two paths to multi-megapixel quality Kodakand Olympus are amongseveral manufacturers offering 2 megapixel digital cameras Eachcompany,however,hasitsown ideasaboutwhatconstitutesa premium design. Sy Otndd ynneke. Both have 3x optical zoom bright light. However, controls lenses, both capture 2. From that common ground. Make no mis- even in bright light.

The zoom motor is very fast but the it in two distinct ways. That combination If you are looking to acressorize your com- makes accurateframing of a specifi c zoom puting with a digital camera, these devices are point difficult. I found I was constantly missworth considering. However, this tale of two ing the stop point that would frame the scene cameras could just as easily have been the tale the way I wanted. The camera does not have the user-controlAnother factor to keep in mind is that digi- lable options serious photographers might tal camera evolution is occurring quickly and want, surh as the choice between aperture prithat means models change frequent y.

Earlier ority or shutter priority modes. However, this year, many camera makers announced 3 some manual adjustments to exposure control and 4 megxpixelcameras, some of which are are possible. While the image quality is very good, the camera took a long time to process and save the image. The Olympus has a few limitations. First, the capacity of the memory card that ships with the unit is 8 MB, so you can take just one uncompressed image and a few compressed ones before you have to unload the card.

This is an easy problem to solve—just ship a bigger memory card, like the 20 MB card Kodak indudes with its camera. More diffirult to solve is the pokiness of the image processor. The highestquality compressed setting least amount of compression still produces images of good quality, with just minor delays between shots, so this will be a non-issue for those not interested in saving images in uncompressed format.

This model will serve the point-and-shoot crowd very well, but it also gives the more serious photographer the ability to control many exposure settings. In every case, we could see differences between a compressed and an uncompressed image, but those differences did not automatically mean that the compressed image always looked inferior. When printed snapshot size on a photo-quality inkjet we used the Lexmark Ietprinter for our tests , the differences were not noticeable in many cases.

Even when printed at larger sizes, the images were quite impressive. Both these cameras allow you to save imagesas uncompressed TIFFs. We see the ability to store in uncompressed format as a desirable feature, although not everyone will care about it. Image fi les can be huge. Most digital camera makers have used PEG compression to reduce the fi es to a manageable size.

The reduction in file sizes issignificant. Estimatedstreet price: 51, Pros: fast imageprocessor. Excellent miour rendering. Cons: Impreciseroom control. Vaasbleseaserity equalto 50 My initial impressions of the Kodak DC, the precursor to the , were not favourable.

But first impressions can be deceiving. After working with the , I g rew to appreciate the. Ships with NiMHbatteries and charger. It will take higher-resolution straps found on most digital cameras. To save even an uncompressed 6 MB and You also have a rhoice of metering. Doing some rough math, a MB CF II card could hold 25 or more uncompressed images from either camera, had they a slot to accommodate it, and anywhere fiom a few hundred to several hundred compressed images.

The microdrive would store more than 50 uncompressed images. The MB storhow muchcompression you specify. Toshibs cD. Complete Hardware Solution: Creative Irtt. All trademarks are thecrcucrtv of their dccpcwlvc cwrtem. BuptN a last dishshrfragmenter Continuedfrom page 38 to print out the topics you need. The online help ofiers useful recommendations, in the.

Also shown are the number offragmented 6les and gape. While disks often. This encourages frequent use. It also has a feature. Golden Bow is also working on a Windows version of Vopt. Golden Bow has been making defrag-. This would make it easier to choose which Ses to delete. I would also like Vopt to offer some options on how to optimize. Stag AMDX6. Corporate Clients Welcome. With new system only: Windows 98ressEd. DiamondMonsterMX 3D,rcl V 2OGyzenpm How many of us have systems.

Voptg9 deserves to be better known and frequently. My experience with this product is quite limited, and I make no claims about its safety, but. DVD playback, which tends to be abit jerky and pixdlated on slower madunes. The Monsoon handled playback admirably, with excellent picture qualily throughout.

IBM Sx4x32 Kit Retail Box Cail Corei WordPerfect Suite In fact, that is of thumbnails in about half a second. ACDSee the chief attraction of Photo Explorer — it automatically keeps that thumbnail cata ague allows you to see your images and get them up to date as images are later inserted or deletinto pmgrams that use them. But that is aU. It ed from the directory. Media Centre and offers noWeb publishing feature, ability to set PhotoRecafi both require the user to request a images aswaUpaper.

ACDSee has a built-in image editor. But ACDSee has improved the latest version in two critical areas. PhotoRecafi excels in producing ACthgeo version gdk do. This feature is images for specific words used in the keywords selection of image filetypes more than two Pros:Addsability toednmndify imageAles, andmakes t most helpful when developing a Web page or list or anywhere in the description or com- dozen.

Drag and drop certainly makes images. A slideshow of the resulting images is beyond our baseline expectations but is not Cons:Abnslower vs. ACDSee just a right mouse click away. However, users clearly superior to its main rivals from Jascand ing. Onlyhandlesimageiles-ne video, mund,animatronnr takes this a step further by really taking c annot add t heir ow n sounds as i n GBrA.

So we leave it to readers to match their othermultimediafile types. Minimslmanualdoes two-bunon mouse. Whatever your image catannt prepareumi for detlingwilh three programs. The pop-up menu is rich with possibililoguing needs, there is now a wealth of soluOversgrating: 4,3nutof 3 ties —print, cut, move, copy, delete, rename, Conetnslons tions.

But grams? Voice Fax atodem V. Panasonic 1. Puces are cash discounted and sublect to change without nouce. Call for the current prices. I 59 Asus P3BF sspsx Motorola 56K V. Crystal 3D Sound Card fsa z pa Ethernet CableCrimp. Tbe advent of the Internet, as well as the corresponding expansion of tasks we now regularly do on our com-.

Computer manufacturers too have been looking dosely at the mouse and keyboard in. Slee AsusPSB. M Criu IOim.. Cmauvsw e CamGo Sile Los tashBorne Camera Sile Laptsoh qrcokcamExpress Bgarv tX rlwe Est M 6. TrackbaBs ofFer even more variety: button and ball placement aswell as body shape can create com-. I use a large-balled Logitech Trackman Marble FX in which the ball is controlled by my index Sager and the buttons pressed by thumb and ring finger. Things get a bit confusing when I visit a. Sns BP AAu.

BP x4x84 Iut. However, there is some pragmatism behind many of these design variations. In thecaseof large versus small trackbags, larger. This makes them wdl. The smaller version work very well in Ien pointer-intena. Button placement, on the other head, is strictly a matter of taste. Compaq Computer Corp. Logitech employsthe same concept in its new keyboard modelsbut usessymbols which the. Further diiferences, however, indicate just how many choices are now available to the inguential as the physical design itself, says shopper.

But, we also go togreat pains to Sgureout the optimal driver settings for these devices—pointer speed and acceleration, keyboard key travel. When Microsoft introduced the Integnouse ing or typing. With no moving parts, optical devices of all stripes areguaranteed to last longer while iminating the Sustrations of having to remove and dean th«ball and. Sowe seepeople moving using than for, we found that the PC environ- toward optical [micel. The adoption rateshave ment was changing, mostly because Internet already beenhuge.

Natural Keyboard Pro with built-in Internet buttons for forward and back, or thvourites, plus pmgrammable hot keys for one-button email or application launching. ILogitech optical devicesl in the future. Another technology, which Gmriauef on page Built fa wrmrest on keyboard. Four dedxated Internet shortcut buttons. Sevendedicated mvlamedu shortcut barons. One-touch suspeufr 01your mmputer system. Bvd-in wrist rest Eydft dedicated Irttemetshortcut Ixatoir Seven dad rated mvivmedu shortcut buttons.

More amn Just a mouse or keykwmrd Conrinued from page 55 actually adds dimension to your computing experience, is making its way into stores is force feedback. Though this technology, as noted above, has been implemented mainly in gaming peripherals, non-.

Unfortunately, in order to accomplish this, the mouse itself has to be harnessed to a dedicated platform that houses all the mechanics in a relatively bulky form factor. There are quite a few Web sites out there getting into this now.

Uses RF lechnology. Larger, comfortable body design. Can be used wfgf left ur fight hand. Elguf xmvc bodydeuto. Extremely comiofuble ergonomx design. Okk forever NB —Blade Runner aud other works by this sdence fiction master continue to attract new generations of r eaders, and t hi s s ite, philipKdick. Five years in the making, the site includes extensive reference material an Prdys novels, short stories, and other writings, original PKD-inspired essays, iction art f d analysis.

Fmm inuansts m the Internet, luc ushelp you make your mark on a gbsbal scale. PC Busingss Solutions pmvfdes the tools co enhance customer relations. Qhlpphy lsFos hheem, ou. Tcossopflco bassdcn sa ffefuh pened oac. Paying too much for inkjet cartridges?

Want to find out more? SimPly visit us at www. Rvt 14 I. Rat-pane lmonitorswere onceconsidered too expensive iveranything but specialized applications. While the prices arestill higher than cathode ray tubedesigns,you can now almostsay LCD and affordable in the samebreath. The construction of liquid crystal displays when using a Sat-panel monitor with an anaen seance writers Srst began writ- logue graphics card. Because the analogue sig- ICDs means that lines can only be as dose together as the acute pixels.

A vertical line coniisting of secthe wall art of the future. Imaghre hanging a two pixie is the best match, and if it chooses tions of ied, green, and blue will be straight,. Sat-panel display on your living room wall, differently betwom refresh«ydes, a bit of Sickconnating a small computer somewhere out er can result.

You could change the art to suit your disappetr as more people move towards the mood or to impressyour guests. By loading a digital Sat-pand technology on the gmphics a giant card end. CRT manugrctuiers have already. When juggling this mary tiny items there are radiation. There arestill somepmfessions, like bound to be defects. Even the most stringent scie n«e and medidne, where any amount of quality contml standardsare going to 1stsome. Flat panels of creating light.

Flat-pand distake up lessspace on a desktop, anit hardly phys emit only miniscule amounts of light any radiation,and haveno dilferencebetween radiation Sum the liquid crystal cells. Consumersareused to high quality contml standards for CRT monitors. We buy them,. Ttus is only noticeable upon very dose inspctinn during certain uses.

Taking up less desktop area is a distinct advantage Sat-pand displays have over cath-. Liquid crystals are compounds that flow like liquids while maintaining a ystagim order. In Ntn nyn tsylhn assr Liquid crystal mole«ulescontrol the direction The bestwayto determine whichproduct suits most new computers, are wider than the AT of polarize light according to how they are yourneeds isto examine as many displaysas case they replace. Add speakersand a inch aligaaL Byapplying an electric Beld, the aligs- poaible.

Beauty redly is in the eye of the beholder. When iscussingcolour, brightness, monitor, and free desktop space disappears. One perHat-panel displaysrequire much lessmom. With Sat-pand monitors, you also get all aaive matrix and passivematrix.

ATX casa, which are found on. In an active-matrix others. For years I drove a green truck that was. CRT monitor has roughly only For this reason our testing can only be subjective. Since you are the one who has to look at it, you should be the one to decide which monitor fordednop computersbecausetheyhavebet- yun want. I sometimes bormw a notebook computer ter resolution, a brighter display, and a wider with an active-matrix TFT saeen. It feels lihe I viewing angle.

Sandwiched between two glass panels that can stare at that screen all day, which mahn up are polarized on the exteriors, the liquid crys- for the smaller keyboard. When in front of a tals aa as light switches, bhrchng light or inch CRT monitor I am constantly looking allowing it to passdepending on the rotation away to rest my eyes. The transistors supviewing arm. Hat-panel displayshave no such ply the necessary control that agows the liquid discrepancy.

For a inch Sat-panel display, crystals to mtate and either pass or block light. Light is createl when dectrons strike the phosphor coating, and between passesofthe beam thephosphorpatchesdim. Transparent conductors onthe inner sur- the market fmm CRTs? Is it baause customers SJ«e of the glass plates are used to contml the consider the pricestoo highl Or we the prices or What can be slightly pmblemstic is the electric Beld on the cell, and thus the direction too high becausedanand is cumntly low?

Hat monitor for long periods of time can result in eye fatigue. This is lessof a pmblem with TFf displays, becausethere is no residual fading between re rashcydes—each pixd dement is either on. This explains some of the weak demand.

The manufactwing process also contributes to the higher cost of flat-panel displays. The difficult business of aligning more than two million microscopic liquid crystal andtransistor cells correctly results in a portion of units not meeting specifications. Monitors that do not meet strict quality control standards must. If manufacturing processes improve we can expect the yield of good units to increase.

This should allow manufacturers to relax prices. We asked representatives from the major manufacturers. Manhew Ki, computer produ«ts manager forSamsung Electronics Canada, says demand for flat-panel displays is not great in North America or developing nations —yet. Why should manufacturers lower prices for a North American market that is not interested, when they are getting good prices for current production capacity?

Ki feels that by manufacturing output should increase. Manufacturers with major market shares in Europe and Asia will attempt to establish themselves as dominant. So, if a customer returns an LCD under warranty with six or more pixels not functioning, the entire unit must be scrapped. The customer must then be given a new unit — a cost borne by the manufacturer. In contrast, a CRT monitor returned under warranty can usually be repaired, and quite often without replacing the actual tube.

In the unlikely event the entire CRT has to be scrapped, the manufacturer loses only a fraction of the cost of replacing a competitive flat-. As they compete for shares of the North American market, we can expect. All of the models were tested at Dave Welsh, vice-president of sales and David Philp, director of sales and marketing 1,x resolution setting. A great deal of glass is required ting, except where mentioned.

Hesays to produce monitors, he says, and the situation Windows 98 Second Edition was the operatimprovements in glass produ«zion over the is not helped by the high worldwide demand ing system used. Windows 98 found and idenpast three years increased the yield of quality for notebook computers with TFT screens.

For the tests, flat-glass panels. We also looked at features, price,. Obviously not all users are interested in paying for a swivel or detachable base, multilingual on-screen display OSD , or multimedia options. When we tried some of the evaluation samples on other computers using typical PCI video cards, the results were mixed. Streaking occurred with some units. Software from Displaymate Technologies. With the possible exceptions of graphic artists and video editors, most users would not place such extreme demands on their monitors.

IOG I95sk,1. ROM, 1. RI ampm, Sst. Apple studio Olsplsy From. I The screen tilts up and down and swivels left and right. The left-right swivd feature is handy when you need to get behind a machine to plug it in. The adjustable base allows the screen to be raised I I cm i4. At It a user does not want, or does not have room for the base, itcan be removed and replaced with a smager picture frame stand, which is inrluded.

The base and border surrounding the screen are made of translucent white plastic. OSD controls are on the bottom of the screen,where they can be easily manipulated. The Layhiy Iyeeieliehjt crh though this momtor can certmnh be used with tvindows-based PCsl.

Flicker was barely noticeable, even m the most demanding stages nf thc test. The picture was excellent, possibly because the monitor was designed for the video card that is installed in the test platform the ATI Rage I28 is standard in ag Apple C4 comput-. Designed for graphics professionals, this CRT display provides a huge 51 cm 20 in.

LaCieCanada Tek LaCie daims the Natural Flat tube eliminates distortion and reduces rekection because the projected The Electron 22 Blue performed admirably at image is flat. Colours The image on a Percent flat screen more werevery bri ght and sharp. Even tiny text The monitor stands 50 cm Screen regulation was abo imprescm The jack. We ran ou r e valuation unit t h rou9h for size and radiadon reasons. The distoition-fiiee flat screen is a ty to handle different signals. Most users will navar subject their monitors to extreme tests The aectron 22 Blue comes mth a three-year like this, but as the Electron 22 Blue was designed with graphics pros in mind, we thought it appropriate.

This unit is a sok grey «nlor with the control buttons for the OSD tactfugy hidden out of the way on the bottom lek of the display panel. The FX70 comes with both analogue and digital interfaces, making it ready to go if you switch to a digital graphics card.

As this is a multimedia monitor, the base contains speakers from Polk Audio, ported for better bass frequency response. The stereo speakerinput jack is on the rear of the base. The stereoaudio cable also has a subwoofer connector. Viewing angle information was not available from Hewlett-Packard at press time.

FU im CB ascxsso The sleek black finish of the model we looked at is certainly different from traditional computer beige. It is also also available in pearl white. The unique controls on this unit are easy to find and use. This unit looks great and is when we connected this display to a plain PCI Them wasnodcsable gkker hning dm fug nuo- aggressively priced. Speakers are built into the video card, they were brilliant on the test hstion ponion of the test.

Tbb was sue of ewxy unit base, which is removable For mounting on the bench machine, and the picture quality wss very good. One touch of warranty offers customers a replacement unit the auto-tune button centered the display. PauasuhiC 1. The base of the LC bas acutout for video and power cables to pass through on their way to the interface, which tucks everything away. BI MHX. There was noticeable Sicker during the demanding full resolution test and at Windows shutdown. Continuedfrom page 66 plugging in an optional USBhub.

It is likely that other models we tested contain NEC screens. This particular model uses a special space-saving base, making it an extremely compact unit. This model had thelowestsitting mount of the units we tested. The maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz may be. O ,in. You'll Save in Our Anniversary Sale! Il-i Ttjy return from these henef:;. Hassneka 'IT l.

Tft To-. RO Dani h Tcale. N'ovwlties 3. Solid Maple Panels L'sed, but in gorvl con- dition. Planter l. Mata Biaided Mats Knd Taul. Oft Firescreens. Strong, Unique, Clever Designs! V Lamps Sweepers T8 Cogswell Kockeis. Traditional Walnut. Mahogany Nest of Tables. Walnut or Desert. Solid Meple Bookcase, Vilas. Step or I. Mix Master Jr. Arborlte Top Walnut or Desert Sand Solid Maple '. Metal Frame In a trial beini; held iM M. There were ample grounds for both warship and ferry being built here: as an uhemploymenf relief.

There wa. It has btvn common argu- ment that eastern yards could build ships cheaper than R. Another pleasing aspei'l of Ihe local shiplniilding scene is the agree- ment reached between management and lalmr on the current wage dis- pute. The tenns ue not all that the union sought bul as one union ollicial put it.

Tilt R. Kight iMtlinadR and tercninal com- panies. A PMIS. Briggs on Television ui sn»ea ana snips- and.. The interview flVranged in Vuncouvr with Mr. H Uee Bngg-. Earlier Mr. The ubiquitous Mr. Einar Gunderson airily dismi. Dal Grauer, pre. Tlie meaning was per- fectly clear. The public wa. The cnnelu. Canada is entering a new field of endeavor. Marie and Quebec City, capable of firing missiles vyith a range of approximately dOO miles, would only he a fixed and sialic de- fence for the parabola of territory thu.

Is America or Canada to defend that? What one i. The Sault Ste. Marie-Quebec line of pro- tection might constitute a useful form of deterrent within the Interpreting the News mile range; but what of Halifax, Winnlpeq. Vancouver, the vital passes m the Rockies and other prime laigeis, in he event of hostilities at some future period?

Great Britain, faced with a somewhat different geographical situation, has chosen lo retain her improved front-line supersonic fighters. Is toppling dvU authorUJes In all parts of the world. Its effects, good or ill, have been felt In tht Middle East and. CIrcumttanofti hav varied from on« country to anolhar, hut the one factor fommnn to all the fallen reglmea ha been the weakness of the democratic In- aittutlona under attack. The Infant republlr.

Mjwlems In the northern half of the country were divided into factions supporting and opposing rloaer relations with he U. The primi- tive African tribes In ha south play liltla part in Kudane. The early stage of any military coup offer few cluea as to the intention of It. Kiiy line ii »- that one ne. Ilf P. Tiu-ie i. H a Imie humfle in mv rhair Mishlein whi. It la Iheiefote In a subdued mood, you will underalami. I hope you will excii. For If that he so. Ijt- cicasev ate ih,!

Msuiy wiDi pcimanmDy higher i-iies on coniribuDon to the uncm plovmeni Msuiame fi. Ihe t i- witiilil iv-riainly prefer hlilll In. The r'onsi'ivauv. The Tones wai:i. Sir John A M. H Bcnneil. T-iraiice fund going broke, or at least requiring i-x'ia financial sup- lM»ri hv Die guveinmeni. Tfie fund rorii. I he same latinol be smd for pi K-s Pipe mamifacturei s pio- d ti c e evei yihing from fl.

And since a cii. And for year I luid been going around chomping on all sort of pipe Rtems. A pi te la a great solace. Above evervihing. It Invltea reflerlion. You do not go shooting off your mouth with a pipe In It. A man thinks twice with a pipe In his leeih. A pipe, you might say, Is a. It has tieen my expriienie in fouitcrn lustra that the man worth listening to takes three puffs before he speaks, and then, then, takes the pipe out. Purvey the whole, nof aeek. But in such lays aa neither ebb nor low, Correctly cold, and regularly low, That shunning fault.

I on wnrkmg men under Ihe gui-e of dues and B. Fifth, Ninih and Tenth Amend- ments of the Unlti-d ,'state. Theso s. The unions also roneede that the dues, fees and as. Supreme Court of Georgia on June I9'i7, decided Dial thia prac- Dm- wa. Supreme Court of Georgia quoted from a decision of Ihe Supreme Court of the United States which held that due pay- ment cannot he "used a. To make om liquor laws nuoe weic would Iv a «tep b.

In an IntorMew here Wed- nesday Ml. Bonner said the loan ia "a dead question. Bonner said. She cKhihtled It among her other works, mo. In Darien, Conn. The bouquet went out to Ml Worley as the piemier »! Mr Worley was in Ihe rvi-lie' ie when the premiei ir feiied lo hmi a. I'ndei the he. S mMi.. Viciona mrmbiu Mi M. Reioie the last eic.

Sfjme ftir trimmed, some rhemi-se atvles. Warm quilted lining New concept Chenille Housecoats comes to. If you have a frvMl renson lo Iwirrow. You w ill like hia helpful appro. Sires 8 to 14, from Orion Swoatort. V Snowsuits In nylon and poplin. Sires 8 to 11 Cardigans, sl7. A mi Si Brinch. SOI I V. The I'nited States and Britain profmsed that the conference negotiate on a test Kiisfiension accord.

Rut Russia's chief delegate. Semyon Tsarap- kin. Tmvnsptul's Not for Her No rnmanre. Marie-Luce accompanied Townsend, former suitor of Prince. She says she has a boy friend in Belgium to xxhom she will return. TowTisend says he has no plans to marry anyone. Hm for The first lime the Kaslern and Weelein big power. This con- tention.

Ambassador Henry t'abot Ivodge, and re- fere with or restrict traffic. Slates hit hark at Rus- sia in the ten. The mayor and the reeve amalgamated long enough to "on lop of that, the Ml. Tol- mie tiip hasaid has been gi early reduied by gathenng up the hru. The iwo-foot candle a blue ipru. Max Zabel of the Xinally succeeded with a bor- Chamber of Commerce, tree rowed lighter and a borrowed Rudolph Williams, land hat to shield the flame.

Avis WAlton. Tolini resident and Chamber of Commerce tourist trad group member, was largely responsible for the B. C, birth- day plan. BinbroidBiad to "gold' Ibiaad So romloflible— becauM ailhona ol ait bubbiM cradle the aolee ol the teei Saoitued tor tool bealib. V 4-d. OS Nanaimo A Ouncan »1. AS Si. S Victoria A Parkavilic S3. IS S Dam f«w famtllM have 27 moutha to faad.

Natural Delta Rica la ona of tho moat daliolouaiy nourlahlng, moat aaally dlgaatad fooda. Baeva natural DaHa Rica. Mamie R. Chulach, rd Street, Edmonton, Alta. Frank Buck, Laird Boulevard, Apt. Q, Mr. Runner-up winners ; are being. UTM KK. An rsti- matrd Im? Your friends. Mti A nnmb«. Copper or brass 2 bnllrt and irim.

Markie thsi pe. Friere enters tor extra wear. Instil let lUS. Per- fectly constructed. I I W Swivel and rocking action. Channel hack beautifully upholstered. Buffered formula proved extra fast! New Vtclt Buffered Cold Tablets not only reduce fever, relieve headaches.

Pkks you up tast when you must keep working. Stimulaling medica- iKtns relieve that tired, dragged-out feeling of a cold. Nnw Rhnor line style - gives your kit- chen that built-in look. Shop lor H,. ViclorU, B. Taste them both. It given your nouHehing quality all year round. It itaya freah longer. T no iim« lo wa. Tht- fc-'.. Millard II.

II a higger pool were wimtcd. V coiiiil he eiirltiscd. He said: "We vxould get community help 00 per cent. Warm, llappi liirllitlav Tuns a happy, happy birthday for lives qathonng fuel during day for old British Columbia ye. M Sugre -uirl. Querri of. Srol», and "Yesierday s Re turn. Casting Will begin in the near future. Ill -I. Mirun hiif M u. It- Mty In tlii» ;;H!

A: ; Kti.. Keif A -kull. I tii-i I. U ith gun made '-iiHl now b Kerr had twice diti -. See page 6. Peggy Westwood is head of the auction. Organtraiion hranrh ai Hie group';: annual meeting. Othi ,.. F G llaymnn; f. Ii, Aivr. Hr Kelly. Mui had tMS'.

Kerr could not have shot him with the rifle at her ihoulder. Victoria municipalltlea. Funds are being raioed IW. Olflcers of the Cnomhs Drams Cluh weie elerteit at a recent annu. C P Wii-ephoto. Spiing- j; field Indians, then indi- cated again la. Ing New Westminster. The yout. Mkepp,T I'enru. AKK The 'ougars could newr get ahead although they tarried A f. McLeotl should be ready for action in about 10 days. Willie T«»wrrl of. South Aftua. I nteil On that d. A1 Johnson. Wall fli..

CrrlfMnh Vanrfuik. WrifM Ma- fiia. St Castin in this resort arcH 15 mdes north of Quebec City. Kmii in their tele- iidilk sicii;jit boiii. I arrcil. The promolet. ItU", watched the mad sci amble. The Big Four champinn. In each case the inteiierlng fana got away with IL D. Shacniock player. Is In hospital in Franc suffering from Injurieg i" celved In a car accident. ADSeraea H»r' 3 Biim"-. The r. Ihiee mimiles Miffeied a p. I Tvm' II fill aie f!. Mel hm. KS flair SAiil tiieie''. Tine of the veAM.

It he. Roonny 1. Mary land Mat. Her nr O Os. Knox 2 F Beni Total MrPmiald 1. Wetib One phone call and hell hnnp you heat'n-a-hufrv— xervoce is'lirx hnsirsesN. Ethel Nlchnllx,. Pm o1 hy. Ruth Pavldwvn. Keith Reeves, membership; and pre. Bobhie Whittaker. Wdh such wido and hondsome voriety, you ore bound to Find the fobric end colour just right for you. We planned this outstondmg sole te give you your suit in plenty of hme for Christmos — and te give you end your budget o big lift.

So don't delay. Can Take. Aim rail riial Rail VaiwlT l"al ,i. Uy Jaiahr! Bird of « Pitrirk. Malkin, repreaenling The W K. Malkin Co. RurspII of West 20th A'p.. Little Dipper Sponge Cake bakes light as a whisper fruit or jarmfilled sh every time And anyone can bake themi treats! They're all so easy to prepare — you'll bake perfect cakes with no effort at all!

It ii a modem marvel of AUlomaUon and thermoatatic control fuiding the coffee automatically through the varioua aUgea of the routing proceu. Try it today. This week we are offering only fronli uarter outs which have been properly aged to guarantee eating satisfaction. Blade hone removed — Kamloops Show Beef. Grade lb.

Whole or Half. Safeway trimmed. Kamloops Show Beef. Peanut Butter 4! Tniiird, I'lh. Hmise, OUnnagan riear. Pineapple Juice S. Sole Fillets ifi-or. Reinbow Trout lo-o? Delicious served n if h pineapple. Kvans Ktilli'Miili I'. M wenf. Oliver ff-. A four-classroom addilion lo mi. Y NO 'KI. AK — ihtir ibaakr for mJu «2. Mull a'l-Hes-. H galhen. Great coffee news! Uncap a jar of new Instant Maxwell House. Take a deep breath of the frcsh-roa. Make yourvclf a cup. Taste the improved flavor. Colon'd Bar Sausages, lb.

T'li onto. I'hn «it Hk. Noflh Atnmi. Borden Only Conlii. Il 4 i» ri-o«l as »ii »pMil. P fitM4i'lrfl a f. I'll N -i fi'i. Ik s'. Is uM M- pnt» ifip jMini i. Ian II, Iii. PiMiiurta 4»as a aiioty.. II rahrn V. Ihp tnarkPi woh Tr. Amnne fninpA Bialnrnp P»iim»or "I JA-M4. Indnao-als 44 P. I [,« It IT M Hrm II.. IfMI PrriH fl..

Car 49 R , r. Min 79 Did ««ii 99»? A 41 iii. III ,. Roi r.. Irt p« r T'rtpr'f Timn. New York Market Rr itJ. BlIf 9jr. Id siMi. Ml Alas Srait Amri.. Mid W»4irrn IW iian Mill. HRt»r InveatmentR ,t4l.. Hafh Maekay A Co..

Dallll Tfi tnil0t VictorU, B. Rtrss I'ptun. Three less energetlr men lh« same nighi robbed Or- ville Selhert. Fort street. Small, medium and large. Senwid Hour. Expeids using laboratory -approved methods and soiutiorTS will clean your rugs and furniture. Fabrics and leather beautifully rleaned. And you'll lie sure of the finest quality work, lKHau. KlilTK I. Houae -"UrnlMilnga Building. S Krult. Sizes 9 to H in new winter shades.

I lit. Special, pair '1 S«lmon I ins iMM. Vf, M Oi. I III. DcIlilT Light and natiinm boigt'. I ill. M Ham. I ' ; liiH. Jll lU. Kor S hrlolm. MI oit. Men i. Iratinn aoo bonoai in firat arM arraeo altaa. O AO haoen C. Third Klwr. HI ataat' 0 '.. Slokl Inrbaa Owmb 4. Main Hour. Belleville and Douglas. No waitinR— no walking— no charge for hours parking If. Mainiehl yesterday rej d:. Ohjeet: smoking. Send photo. Marsha Bierenhaum. Beinard Kill. Anna Ueishon. CfT- iMenansi pforam.

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Morp than vtaa roaittod at iha affair. Moihrr M. A mas gifia. J McKenna M. Mia J. Fisiiei ind Mra. Kinlorh pM'si. Mis H. Carruthera, Mta. Mrs S. Aneron, Mra. Reeve of Oak Ray. Vorns will open the fete at 2 30 p. Here with some of the Christmas deroralioni are, loft to lichi. Allan I. Mercer and Mrs. I »ec S Ooodciham i« the of Ml and Mi -.

S tloodet iiam CirU' Srhool piini lo making her home on ihe inolul. V;- A Mem T 1 I'li-. Guild precedent The Evening P. Ciey, White. All the season s leading colors as well as the fashionable pure white. Fn louie. High-speed element. A popular gift item. Four rubber-faced bats, three balls, net and posts. Tri-plu putting seta together. Special, each. OO S lovely models in yellow ind in white. Make yours Ihe best-dressed house. ARK The perfecT gift for sending away! An finish.

Flower cart de. An ideal gift. The claim made hy Robin Smith, operator of the l. I j'en. A Bruce MalHtews. He aurcr-erls Uunoan M. At that time he took over the sioie at. Royal City, 97 45 5 lb. Sam J Irvin Jr.

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Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass.

Windows 8.1 rtm download vn-zoom/f149 If you have a frvMl renson lo Iwirrow. The problem, however, is that no single standard has been determined. Had Olvr. NOT na riiarr a-- 'ti a. If you already have a good computer with. S tloodet iiam CirU' Srhool piini lo making her home on ihe inolul.
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Windows 8.1 rtm download vn-zoom/f149 Download zoom on my computer
Windows 8.1 rtm download vn-zoom/f149 So we leave it to readers to match their othermultimediafile types. Is it baause customers SJ«e of the glass plates are used to contml the consider the pricestoo highl Or we the prices or What can be slightly pmblemstic is the electric Beld on the cell, and thus the direction too high becausedanand is cumntly low? Epson PhotoPC Ttjy return from these henef:. P III-
Windows 8.1 rtm download vn-zoom/f149 It was previousl y distri bution via the Web or on C0, ot the announced that 05 X would be shipping in videoscan be exported backto a camcorder final fons this summer, possibly at tacWottd to watch on N. I Roncral manaRer citrix pune the B. It has btvn common argu- ment that eastern yards could build ships cheaper than R. We would like to hear of anything which has made your club a success, or of any projects or programs you are developing. Ma Panorti vlAKna. WordPerfect 9 uses the same Se format as WordPerfect 6. Psr


To download and install Windows 8. The other easier, and completely legal, option is to download the Windows 8. Bear in mind that if you go down this road, upgrading to a real version of Windows 8. Once you have the Windows 8.

If you already have Windows 8, and you waited for the official release date, installing Windows 8. In both these cases, the upgrade process should be very smooth, with your apps and settings fully preserved. If you upgrade from Windows 8. Sebastian Anthony wrote the original version of this article. It has since been updated with new information. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

Before you apply the update, check out the prerequisites. Download the package now. Note The update for Windows RT 8. For more information about how to download Microsoft support files, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:. Microsoft used the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted.

The file is stored on security-enhanced servers that help prevent any unauthorized changes to the file. PrerequisitesTo install this update, you must first install update in Windows 8. Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

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