Tightvnc blank screen linux

tightvnc blank screen linux

I'm trying to VNC into my Pi, but it's just giving me a gray screen with an X cursor. I tried following these instructions to fix it (by. I use this configuration with win2vnc, so I get dual monitor Windows + 3rd monitor linux side-by-side with one keyboard and mouse. Works great! enter image. jura.mirzakon.ru › Forums › General Linux Forums › General Linux. FAR CRY NEW DAWN UPGRADE WORKBENCH

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Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Grey screen with VNC. Thread starter burkina76 Start date May 9, Joined May 9, Messages 2 Reaction score 2 Credits The connection basically works with vnc4server and vncviewer or Remmina, but the result is the same. Some time ago, there was a blackout in my office, and my system was down until today, when one colleague of mine restarted it.

However, the VNC connection is now not properly working. I get a gray screen with a mouse pointer which I can move , but no other options, instead of the standard X session. My xstartup is very basic:! Nevertheless, I tried to change it according to various solutions found on the web, but still I get the grey screen.

In principle, nothing changed in the server no updates, since it was down , the client has been regularly updated, but still in Ubuntu The log of the connection seems similar to what I obtained in the past, when it worked not sure I usually left it logged in in the past, but I have no access to it in this period. It may also be that the X-server did not properly start on the server. There are some issues with the graphic card I never solved, and sometimes I have to reboot times before getting a working X-server.

It is likely that the pc is now up and connectable via ssh, but the X-server has not properly started. Would this explain the VNC behaviour? How can I check it? Of course I could reboot various time remotely, but it's risky since I don't know when someone else can re-start the server in case of failure Thanks, Stefano.

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Then, reboot the Pi and start tightvncserver. The grey screen should be gone and you should be presented with your xfce4 desktop. Apparently, Kali Linux 0. Below is my expanded solution. I would recommend using x11vnc as it provides the actual desktop experience rather than a virtual one. If you experience that the framebuffer size is too small, then to change it by doing the following:.

When the Micro-SD card mounts, open it. The config. If you would like to start x11vnc at boot, add the following to a file called x11vnc. See how-to-execute-shell-script-on-kali-linux-startup for more information on application autostart on Kali Linux.

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More details regarding this issue-solution on this post: raspberrypi. Tightvncserver won't work on this version of Kali Linux. The attached png file is the result. Black screen and uncontrollable desktop If click any icons it does not work. If right-click the desktop, doesn't show me the menu. Seems to freeze. You seem to be close. But can't input any character, can't drag and drop, can't resize. Looks like freeze.

You will probably find you can input to the xterm if you hover the mouse over it. If you can't see your mouse, move the imaginary mouse there. If I were you, I'd install another window manager like fvwm and see if it works with that instead of startxfce4, as a way to narrow it down. Your xsession ends when that program exits. Typically it is the window manager, or whatever program starts the window manager, but could be anything like xterm.

I can see the mouse cursor, and even if hover the mouse over xterm, can't input any character. If not using systemd and manually execute vnc server run command via ssh session is working perfectly. I only suggested using fvwm as way of narrowing down where the problem might be, since fvwm is much simpler than xfce4.

It's quite odd that vnc seems to run well enough to display some docks and xterms, but doesn't take input. I'd be tempted to try the TightVNC viewer to see if you get the same result. The other possibility is that xfce4 has gone into some screen lock or screen saver mode. I'd be disabling that in the xfce4 settings. Another reason to try the simplest possible setup to begin.

If you don't want to install fvwm, just comment out startxfce4 leaving only xterm, and see if then you can input into it. If you can, then the problem is somewhere in xfce4. I will try your advice tomorrow. I have tested. Not start xfce4 and only start xterm is worked. I can input commands to xterm. Is this xfce4 problem? Why worked correctly via ssh command. Why doesn't work via systemd. Maybe this is related. You've probably reached the end of my knowledge. I will say that I've personally also ended up with frustration trying to start guis from systemd for some reason.

The only obvious advice I can give is either to forget xfce4 and go with something simpler like a plain window manager VNC is actually much inferior to xrdp. While some people might unfairly associate xrdp with Microsoft, it just plain works better, especially with multiple monitors.

VNC is awful with multiple monitors, xrdp works great. I don't know if that will help your systemd issues, but rdp is the future, and vnc is no good. This is the xstartup file that worked for me on a Fedora 33 Mate-Compiz VM after initially experiencing a blank screen when attempting to connect:. For xfce4 Ubuntu God bless you, reinzor , after wasting a day trying to get it working on I will relay my experience with this transition.

I was getting the black screen issue as well on my FC32 and FC33 system. I worked my way through several of the suggestions here, and while I would see the KDE start screen, it would then change to the black screen. As I was playing I realized that the screen was active, just black.

I finally got my solution by changing how I launched VNC. Start TigerVNC, and connect to port i. None of these solutions worked when launching TigerVNC via a systemd socket listener, tried Unity and Gnome with various xstartup configs accepted as solutions in various stackoverflow questions and those posted in this bug report, all resulted in nothing but a black screen. Nothing in the systemd logs but "success" connects, and nothing in the syslog but "success" notes from systemd in relation to the session.

All these Ubuntu distress are basically a poor knockoff of Windows XP at this point. If you can get the "X" mouse cursor You just don't have any apps running Find your startup script and run one. Recommend fvwm for testing, because it's simple and won't fail. I'm facing the same issue. Seems one user can only start one kde desktop, the extras are black screen. Just now xdm and vnc show me the desktop, I think, is because I don't login to the desktop.

This might or might not help other people. Today I have been struggling for hours to get something other than the black screen with vnc running tigervnc on the Suddenly the active black vncviewer session popped to my desktop screen Xvfb might help in this case as it provides some sort of virtual display but i never used it on my own.

Skip to content. Star 3. New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels bug Something isn't working. Copy link. Looking at the log, I wouldn't be concerned with the errors that's just my opinion. A few differences between my test machine and production machine that could be triggering this black screen issue: I have more than one user account on the production machine.

I haven't yet tried adding more accounts to the test machine. I have the production machine set to allow users to log in to the local GUI without typing a password maybe the gui is started secretly before login because of this? I have manually set one program to launch on login for one of my users in Application Autostart in Session and Startup. These are total wild guesses.

Here's a working xstartup file for Ubuntu Mate Thank you for your xstartup file. I still haven't tied adding more users to my test machine yet. The following is a bit more info: I am running Desktop Ubuntu The command I use to spawn the vncserver is: vncserver :4 -depth 24 -geometry x -nolisten tcp -localhost. Another update: I modified the xstartup file shared by jmadams1 by changing mate-session to gnome-session.

CendioOssman added the bug Something isn't working label Jan 11, Best regards to the developers. CendioOssman mentioned this issue May 8, Segfault when trying to run with systemd unit file On Thu, May 16, at AM , etienne wrote: I had this issue too on ubuntu, and on my side it was the power management settings.

Thanks for the tip. I will try to see if in my case, on NetBSD, there is a place during the boot sequence this could apply now NetBSD is using a framebuffer so perhaps before allowing to log the card is reset for the VT. Can confirm still happening the black screen on Fedora Is there another solution? Another vncviewer implementation? Perhaps x0vncviewer? I can connect to the remote machine via ssh as a regular user, then run the following: vncserver :1 -geometry x -depth 24 It then prints the following when I connect: Thu May 23 vncext: VNC extension running!

I'm afraid the issues you describe sound like other things. CendioOssman mentioned this issue May 24, Modern, systemd compatible session startup If you have any comments, please file them on the PR. Expected Behavior : View of the Rpi4's desktop.

CendioOssman closed this in Apr 2, I have done the following to get the twm desktop manager on vnc screen: Here is the xstartup file content! Finally I have got the success on Ubuntu Code: su - and give the password, then: Code: update-alternatives --config default-displaymanager choose your Display Manager from the list.

Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. The command I use to spawn the vncserver is: vncserver :4 -depth 24 -geometry x -nolisten tcp -localhost which works almost perfectly fine with sudo , but gives a black screen without. I want to use xfce4 instead of fvwm

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